Top trends in e-commerce for 2017

Consumers are already getting used to the benefits of e-commerce, such as shopping from the couch, fast deliveries and the absence of queues; And everything indicates that this trend will grow in the coming years. That is why, both entrepreneurs who already have an online store, and those who want to take their business to the web 2.0, must be up to date with all the new features that appear in this sector. Precisely, the platform of conversational commerce, iAdvize, has revealed what, in his opinion, will be the main trends for this year.

First, content will remain as one of the most important marketing tactics for online businesses. In this way, retailers should focus more on the generation and promotion of content, especially the audiovisual, while technology is responsible for gathering the information needed to optimize sales.

On the other hand, the digital revolution has changed the way in which people relate, the way they communicate and the customs in general. And in this sense, commerce is also added offering users a completely unified experience. For this reason, online help and assistance platforms, such as chat or call assistance, will proliferate to offer a customer experience that is up to the most demanding consumers.

Likewise, businesses will tend to integrate all social networks in their web pages, from Instagram to the own chat of Facebook. These channels are now essential to cover a broad field in conversations. It is, in the opinion of Julien Hervouët, CEO and co-founder of iAdvize, a regular conversational experience with friends and family. “We are attracted because it is easy to use, perfectly adapted to the digital experience and devices, and, above all, human, less expensive, faster and more productive than emails,” he says.

Another trend that augurs a notable promotion is the Community Messaging tool, which allows you to complete the customer service of the brands with the advice of a community of experts, available at any time to solve your questions. In fact, according to Hervouët, “these kinds of tools can be converted very quickly into paid work. Brands need these experts, so it does not seem unreasonable that the companies themselves encourage the advice to other consumers.

And finally, the company draws attention to the importance this millennials year, since it will constitute the largest consumer group in the world. In this context, it is estimated that 50% of online consumption will have this audience as the protagonist. Hence, the need to follow closely the evolution of this generation, especially from the point of view of marketing.

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