Online marketing for all

In recent years, online marketing has been a real revolution in the business world, allowing anyone with an idea and desire to undertake access to a tool that used to be prohibitive, Has democratized the marketing.

What used to involve an investment of hundreds (or even thousands) of euros in traditional advertising (television commercials, newspapers, radio tapes, etc.) can now be carried out with a budget available to anyone.

But what are those wonders that the past generations would have given an arm to know?

Let’s take a short tour of these resources that enable us to validate business ideas, reach our target audience or even make decisions about our current activity, among others Things: Traffic study by keywords: Thanks to tools like Google AdWords, it is possible to know how many people are actively looking for our product or service on the Internet.

By having access to the volume of monthly searches, we can verify truthfully if there is a latent market that is already interested in finding that solution that we offer.

Target audience: With Facebook Ads we can verify if our target audience reaches the minimum critical mass of Market, helping us to decide if it’s worth launching a product or service.

This process is carried out through population segmentation: filtering by geographic, demographic and even interest data, Facebook will show us the detail of our market size.

Email: The best tool to reach our customers at a price of laughter. What we now achieve with a good email marketing campaign through a segmented newsletter, before was to design, print and send thousands of brochures to thousands of mailboxes.

Affiliates: The great potential of affiliate marketing lies in that anyone can become In our commercial for a commission. In an automated way, we will know who has brought us visits that have generated a purchase.

ECommerce: To open a physical store for eight hours a day and to have customers as neighbors of the neighborhood, before had to make a great investment to pay a local, stocks and staff. Now we can have an e-commerce without any of those expenses, open 24 hours and reach the whole peninsula or even the whole world.

Analytical: The most powerful tool, without any doubt. Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing provides accurate, exhaustive and immediate information of all the commercial actions that the customers perform.

Thanks to Google Analytics, we check in real time whether a marketing action is working or not. Thus, we can quickly change the strategy if it does not go well or boost it by investing more in it if it is giving results. Far from those days where we had to wait for days (even weeks) to see the sales reports and to evaluate if the publicity that we had made in a magazine, radio or television had been effective. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Online marketing is simply a new paradigm that has changed the rules. It is up to us to seize the opportunity.

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