“Money is not the criterion for entering a business school”

Discovering and teaching new professional skills and being close to the needs of companies are key to the success of schools.

The money does not guarantee a place in an exclusive program or in a select business school that occupies the first places in the international classifications. And it does not ensure contacts or well-constructed relationships. The credibility and long-term future of the schools of management are based on filters and systems of selection and admission that guarantee to capture the best.

Martin Bohem, dean of IE Business School, certifies that “this selection capability is essential in the case of teachers and students. Business schools have the responsibility of filtering in. It is good to have the best talent, but it has to fit in with our Culture and philosophy.We follow the idea that a candidate’s economic resources can not prevent him from accessing a business school.Money can never be the reason for the selection. ”

Selection and filters
With regard to this desire to capture the best, Boehm speaks of the gap between talent and the needs of the labor market: “There is a lack of skills, knowledge and, above all, practice, and how that knowledge can be applied Companies have to spend too much time to adapt it, and business schools must fill this void, and there we come in with certain programs that have to be practical, highly applied and close to the companies. ”

Supporting in the development of new professional skills is another of the functions that the schools of management must assume in their role as a new agent of the selection market. The Dean of IE cites the results of some studies that conclude that 85% of a person’s success (salary, career, and others) depends on new skills and abilities such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking or analytical … But only 15% is due to knowledge and experience. For Boehm, “the development of these skills is part of the business of adapting to the needs of the market.” We offer added value to the candidates, but also to the recruiters market.

Boehm also believes that one of the reasons why Spanish management schools occupy leading positions in international rankings is “because they live in reality, close to the companies they collaborate with. This is one of the key points for That someone does a master’s degree, the relationship with the companies, not forgetting the attention to the new abilities, the fact of offering a different teaching, based on the possibility of interacting with smaller groups of students, that allows to work in questions such as the abilities “.

Digital Transformation
It also refers to investment in innovation and learning, and the effort to achieve a new pedagogy. In the case of IE, Wow Room is configured as a break with the traditional vision of face-to-face, blended and online training. It is about applying new experiences through artificial intelligence, real-time simulations, big data analysis, interactive robots, systems of emotional recognition and presence of experts via holograms, among other resources.

Internationalization is another of the challenges of management schools. “The next step is diversity from the point of view of professional profiles – business, engineering, journalism, lawyers, physicians or even athletes – who access it,” Boehm says. To the school, and also the diversity of opinions, because the development of people is essential. ”

The search for difference also occurs in the formation of entrepreneurs and the promotion of the mentality start up. Boehm believes that “there is a certain bubble of entrepreneurship.” Many business schools came into this because it was a fashion, and what an institution like ours should do is work differently. Redesigning the MBA and focusing more on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are interested in a complete business base with the possibility of specializing in those topics that specifically serve their sectors and projects. “

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