Do not trust yourself: 7 ways to train yourself in business

There are different alternatives to train us, which are everywhere and even for free. It is a question of that you look for them and that you have the patience and commitment to follow the courses and to follow the lessons.

Training is a fundamental issue for Micro and Small Business Enterprises (SMEs), in order to achieve and maintain adequate levels of productivity and competitiveness of their enterprises. However, in deciding to implement activities that train staff and ourselves, we leave the issue aside because we consider the costs high and the lack of applicability depending on the sector.

Against this background, Eduardo Lastra, corporate consultant and president of the Latin American Institute for Business Development (ILADE), says that there are many channels to be informed and trained, to avoid the failure of our businesses.

1.-Independent consultants: There are professionals and technicians who offer training and technical assistance services to the MSEs, in their respective specialties. In this area there are professionals in organizations such as ILADE, Supérame, Grupo Verona, among others.

2.-Private institutions: Studies of lawyers, studies of accountants, business consultants oriented to small businesses. There are also the Chambers of Commerce, the Associations of Entrepreneurs, the Universities with Entrepreneurship Centers. The Association of Entrepreneurs of Peru is an excellent option, as well as the Center of

Entrepreneurs of the PUCP
3.-Public Entities: District and provincial municipalities. Regional Governments. Ministries. Business Development Centers, COFIDE. Among these is also the Ministry of Production, through Peruvian Entrepreneur.

4.-Written and digital press: Sections dedicated to the entrepreneurs and to the enterprises that can be found in newspapers of national circulation. There are also specialized digital media in Micro and Small Enterprises. Among them, of course, your favorite portal, Emprende Trome. There is also PQS, from the Romero Foundation.

5.-Internet: This medium presents pages and pages with texts, videos and tutorials, covering virtually all areas of business and small-scale enterprises. There are organizations that offer online courses, such as Campus Romero and the Municipality of San Isidro.

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